Very good and inexpensive microphone

It appears that the samson Q1U microphone is reaching the end of its life cycle and is no longer being sold by the manufacturer. Most Samson microphones are pretty good but this actually is the best speech recognition desktop microphone I have ever tried (and bought for under $50).

For those who don't want to wear a headset anymore but also don't want to strain their neck by "leaning in" towards the direction of the microphone (which is so often happening with other desktop microphones). You can dictate comfortably with it from 50 cm away and accuracy is still perfect with Dragon.

Here in Europe it is still available in Germany (a very trusted web shop I can recommend):

And here (have no experience with this web shop):

One of the (many) YouTube videos about the samson Q1U:

Don't say I didn't warn ya ;-)

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