VC slows down OneNote and crashes Outlook

Hi, I am new to Voice Computer and I’m having some trouble. Voice Computer slows down my computer significantly.

When I am dictating in OneNote sometimes it takes a minute or more for speech to appear. I use OneNote a lot, and when I “show intags” there are usually 250-300 tags appearing.

In Outlook 2016 (the desktop version), whenever I reply to an email, the words type out very slowly. If I add any names to the reply To: field, Outlook crashes and restarts. I don’t have this problem when Voice Computer is not open. I’ve gone through Microsoft’s troubleshooting, clearing the Outlook cache, and the only thing that helps is completely turning off Voice Computer.

Any suggestions on how to make this better?

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Hi Quathy,

Apart from the speed of your processor and the amount of other applications or processes running on your computer it's important to disable the commands in VoiceComputer that you are not planning to use.
Say "configure voice computer" and choose: 1. Enable| Disable Voice Computer Commands.
Uncheck everything you are not planning to use, but make sure to leave the Intags and My Intag Commands checked. After that you will have to restart speech.

Do you happen to use KnowBrainer as well? Because it doesn't always play well with Voice Computer.

About OneNote 2016. Yes, I noticed some (short) delays as well (not in Outlook though). In this case it's probably wiser to create overlays (MyIntags). These are static tags and usually respond very fast.

It may be worth your while to check out the structure of the displaynumbers xml which can be found in C:ProgramDataVoiceTeachVoiceComputerCommandsCustom (you can open it with notepad). You may see that commands you have disabled are still present in the XML file. The trick is to make this XML file as small as possible. This will greatly enhance VoiceComputer's responsiveness. However this will take some knowledge, experience and work. ALWAYS BACKUP THIS FILE TO A SAFE PLACE FIRST! So you can put it back again if anything goes wrong.
Let me know if you would like a more ergonomic and slimmed-down displaynumbers.xml, I could send you an example.

Speech19652019-03-21 21:26:13

hi Rob, thank you for the reply. I am opening the “configure voice computer” as you say but there is nothing to check or uncheck. Does it matter if I am using Voice Computer Lite? i disabled mouse commands (which were not turned on) but I don’t see anything else that could be toggled on or off. There are settings for changing the font size and colors of in tags, making window specific overlays, naming overlays, configuring the VC microphone, disabling microphone on start up, etc.

I looked at the displaynumbers.xml file, but I don’t know what you’re talking about with the commands. I haven’t created any custom commands in VC, and I don’t know how. I’m not sure what commands are available in VC, other than “show intags” or “hide intags.” I use Dragon for my custom commands. If you don’t mind sending me a slimmed-down file, i’d love to see that example. What’s removed from it?

And no, I don’t have KnowBrainer. I do have a Tobii eye tracker and run Tobii Windows Control. Not sure if there is a conflict there. I’ll try turning that off and see what happens.

What processor are you using and how much memory? And what microphone?

(We recommend an i7 with 12-16GB of memory.)

A lot of users have had problems with Outlook crashing (without VoiceComputer).

Please email me your Dragon log file (Windows search: Show Dragon log)
and the VoiceComputer Log.txt file located in

RonK2019-03-22 10:22:23

If you are using VoiceComputer Lite then the cause probably won't be the amount of VC commands active and there's probably no need to slim down the displaynumbers.xml. The cause may be, like Ron suggests, low processor speed or not enough RAM. But there could be other reasons that may not always appear to be related (slightly damaged Dragon user profile, over active virus scanner etc.).

Apart from OneNote and Outlook, how is performance with VoiceComputer intags in Windows Explorer?

Have you already tried to create an overlay (MyIntags) for OneNote? Regular intags rescan the program window every time you activate one of the numbers but MyIntags (overlay) uses fixed numbers that simply stay open. Chances are in your case that the overlay itself will already load faster than then regular intags.

Can you check in Task Manager how much RAM and processor speed the Toby device (software) is taking up? Some Tobi tracking devices and software versions may easily take quite some resources.
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I found the problem-I had installed in add-in for OneNote. As soon as I removed it, my computer is remarkably faster.

Hooray, now I get to work with Voice Computer!

Thank you everybody!

Great news!

I’m guessing that you’ll found our Overlays (Show overlay lesson, show overlay commands) and our Voice Mouse commands (show mouse commands) very useful.
let us know if you have any questions!