VC says Dragon is not installed

When I open VoiceComputer I get an error that Dragon is not installed. The error number is 3052. I assume Chucker will want my Dragon log so I am sending it to him at his VoiceTeach address.

Much appreciated.

Enjoy your weekend.



<p>What your Dragon log shows is that you have a major problem with your Dragon installation.</p>

<p>The WinBatch error is only an indicator of the fact that Dragon can't be loaded properly.</p>

<p>The first suggestion that I have is to run a Repair of DPI 14 and see if that fixes the problem. If not, you may have to completely uninstall DPI 14 and then run the Dragon 14 remove utility before reinstalling DPI.</p>

<p>There are two things that your Dragon log shows that are indicators of this:</p>

<font face="Arial"><p>1.  The first is that it shows your hardware to be a Coreâ„¢ i3, which I know is not correct in your case.</p>

<p>2.  The second thing that shows up in your Dragon log is read access errors to folders that contain your data and user profiles. </p><div>C:ProgramDataNuanceNaturallySpeaking14</div>

</font><p>I can't tell exactly what occurred, but basically Dragon went South on you.</p>
Thanks for getting back to me, Chucker,

I will follow your advice. However, this is my previous desktop which does have the i3 core in it.

Much appreciated.