VC mic–do you find it useful?

VC mic seems useful to me. However, I see only occasional discussion of it on the forum.

Have others found it useful? How does it work for you?


It’s not clear how many VoiceComputer users use the VC microphone.

Those who use it find it exceedingly useful, like yourself, for a lot of reasons:

1. As long as the microphone is turned on, you can launch VoiceComputer and Dragon by voice command without either being loaded (VC microphone on at boot up-“activate VoiceComputer”).

2. You can turn off and turn on the microphone (“microphone off”, “activate microphone”).
3. You can fine tune the VC microphone to give you better accuracy and command control.
4. In the current version of VoiceComputer the VC microphone is extremely stable and responsive.

I use VC microphone constantly all the way from what I’ve said above to shutting down the computer.