VC mic rarely opens DPI mic (VoiceComputer version 3.2.0)

It is difficult, if not impossible, to configure VC mic more than once with the tool in version 3.2.0 (7).

At this point, I would say “impossible”. The boxes are always full of the previous recordings, and it is impossible to “push” the okay button by speaking, for example, mike one or activate one.

Trying to manually configure the mic does not work very well either.

Have others commented on this new version of the VC mic configuration to?

What version of Dragon are you using? - I don’t think that it’s been released but there is a 15.6 release floating around.
15.6 breaks VC mic feature but we’re testing a fix.
Please email me your VC Mic log file. (VC_MicrophoneLog.txt in C:\ProgramData\VoiceTeach\Microphone

I’m using 15.6. So I’ll cool till further word from you.

Will do.