VC commands are being typed

My commands are being typed not followed. I have performed cold restart and nothing.



Confirm that VoiceComputer is open. If it is open restart it by saying:

Say, ‘Open VoiceComputer’ and then 'Restart Speech’

Let us know.

Thanks, Ron,

Can’t comply because after dictating a few seconds th emic mutes irself in levels tab in properties for the recording mic in the sound folder of the control panel. I have presented the problem to KB forum and my initial responses thought it dealt with how long the mic was pursuant to DPI 15.




Let's take things one at a time.

First, if you're using the VC microphone, right-click on the VC microphone icon in the systray and close it.

Second, open the VoiceComputer control panel by double-clicking on the VoiceComputer icon on the desktop and click "shutdown speech".

Third, once VoiceComputer and Dragon are closed, relaunch Dragon by itself. Do the problems persist when only Dragon is loaded? That is, does the microphone persistently turn off with just Dragon loaded?

Also, are any commands that you issue under the above condition with just Dragon loaded still being displayed as text?

If both problems persist with just Dragon loaded, then the problem is likely DPI 15. Before doing anything with VoiceComputer, close Dragon and try running a Repair from the Windows Control Panel | Programs and Features | highlight Dragon and click "Change". Then select Repair and run it.

After Repair is complete, do a cold boot (power off your system and then power back on. Note that if you been using the VC microphone and configured it to restart on boot up, it will relaunch itself if configured to do that. Close it down as specified above by right clicking on the VC microphone icon in the systray and select close. Relaunch Dragon only. Do either of your two problems persist?

Be sure that you test each microphone (profile) one at a time. Open notepad and dictate a couple of paragraphs using each microphone (profile). Does the microphone still shut down in each profile? Be sure that you make a note on each microphone (profile) as to whether or not the problem continues or is resolved.

If that problem is resolved, try issuing a few Dragon commands with each microphone (profile). Do the commands execute or do they still display as text?

If both problems appear to be resolved with all microphones (profiles), open VoiceComputer and then select "Bring up VoiceComputer" from the VoiceComputer control panel. However, be sure that the VC microphone is not loaded when you do this. Try executing a couple of VoiceComputer commands. Do they execute or do they still display as text?. If they execute properly without displaying as text, then launch the VC microphone and test again each of your microphones (profiles). If everything works and you can shut down the Dragon microphone and wake it up again using the VoiceComputer VC microphone commands and your microphones (profiles) do not turn off (mute), then you should be good to go.

If you experience any of the problems that you note in your post(s) under any of the above conditions, note which circumstances result in the problem. If both problems persist after you done a Repair of DPI 15, then you may have to export your user profile(s), completely uninstall DPI 15 as you normally would in order to preserve your activations, run the Dragon remove utility (DPI15Cleaner.exe). Reinstall DPI 15 and activate it. Import your profile(s) and retest with just Dragon loaded. Then follow the procedures for opening VoiceComputer as noted above and retest again, but leave the VC microphone off. Are the problems resolved? Relaunch the VC microphone and test again. Do the problems return or are the problems resolved?

Lastly, if DPI 15 works OK Re: your problems, but VoiceComputer brings them back, then reconfigure VoiceComputer and test again.

If you're still having problems after doing all of the above, let me know.

No luck with DPI alone. Uninstalled it with cleaner and now downloading to reinstall.

I will let you know.

As always, thanks so much.



It is still doing it after the reinstall. Would it make any sense to contact Nuance? Could it be a virus?