VC 2020, 2.3

Hi Ron –

I just installed VoiceComputer 2020, 2.3.

In the “main menu” of VoiceComputer, the “restart system” command shuts down Dragon and VoiceComputer but does not restart the computer. This used to work. Any ideas?

Thank you.


The “restart system” command was broken and I fixed it.

Maybe I accidentally released a beta version of 2.3.

I’m working on a few other bugs and plan to release 2.4 within a few days.

How do I get the latest version when the download gets released?

Please keep the link that you were sent with your order! It will always lead you to the most recent version.

If you’ve lost your link, email us and we’ll resend the link.

How do I get a notification when a new version comes out?

We’ve had several updates recently. With each update, we’ve received more suggestions, so we updated again.

We just released 2.55 and plan to send out an email in a week or two.