VC 13.56 didn't save my open from/save to commands

Attached is a screenshot of what I find when I go through the steps to import my commands. Certainly not what I typically would see. I would see a list of my save to/open from commands.

I was re-creating them through “show my computer”. VoiceComputer crashed. I shut down everything, then shut down the computer. When I gave the same command I got the attached screenshot.

Third, when I was able to use the “show my computer” command I was able to list my N Dr. folders. Some of the places I want to save to/open from our within one of the folders I have bookmarked. Don’t know how to get to them. I’ve done it before but of course can’t find where the answer is.

Thanks so much.





When you upgraded to VC 13.56, what was the previous version that you had installed?

Very likely you picked the wrong backup folder.

Have you looked in: C:ProgramDataVoiceTeach and checked for the most currently dated VoiceComputer folder or backup folder.

Bottom line is that if you end up with the first screen as noted in your screen capture being empty, then you did not pick the right folder.

Of course, if it doesn’t correctly import your VoiceComputer configuration files, then you will get what you see in the second screen capture.

Problem is that we have been changing the way your VoiceComputer folders are stored going from My Documents to ProgramData. You just need to find the right VoiceComputer folder/backup. The rules of the game have changed a bit.

Thanks for getting back to me, Chucker,

The previous version was 55.1.