VC 12 w DNS 13 French


I have VC 12 and will be needing to use DNS (v13) to dictate in French. I’m wondering if VC will work with the French version of DNS to control my computer but if I will also be able to dictate text in French.

I’m not sure how I could set this all up. Your suggestions are appreciated.

OS Win7 64x (can utilize French language pack or leave in default English)
DNS Premium 13 French
VC 12

Thank you.
Jacqueline Goguen


In the past we have done a quick check with using English commands (VoiceComputer) with international language versions (i.e., French, Italian, etc.). While working with international language profiles, you can issue VoiceComputer commands in English and they should work. However, VoiceComputer is only designed for English, so your mileage may vary. That is, VoiceComputer commands spoken in English when using, for example, French may work, but we can’t guarantee it.

However, if you’re going to go to DNS Premium 13 French, then you will have to upgrade your version of VoiceComputer to VC 13.05. VC 12 is not fully compatible with DNS 13. In addition, whether or not you can use VC 12 with DNS 13 depends entirely on the full version of VoiceComputer that you currently have and/or are using. You can find the version number, provided it is currently installed on your system, by simply saying “show VoiceComputer version”.

Given all of the above, we recommend that you upgrade VoiceComputer to 13.05. For upgrade information, please contact us at We cannot guarantee that your current version of VoiceComputer 12 will function fully with DNS 13 and you would have to do some manual reconfiguring even if it will/does.Chucker2014-11-22 06:44:57

Thank you so much for your reply.

I’m thinking maybe if I do my regular work in an English profile and then I can switch to a French profile to dictate my assignments. I guess I’ll just have to play with it when I get all set up.

I’ve sent an email enquiring. Thank you…