Using VC with AutoCAD

Does anybody use VoiceComputer with AutoCAD? If so how helpful is it? I’m running AutoCAD 2015 and really would like to use it if it’s helpful.

To the best of my knowledge, you can't control AutoCAD with our Intags.
But, you can make individual screens accessible with our Overlays.

We could make AutoCAD and any application completely accessible with our Intags but it'd take a bit of programming. We'd need a number of users to request it before we could commit to such a project.

<div><span lang=""><p>Thanks for the feedback, I was hoping it might make it so I could use AutoCAD faster than I presently do. I don't know anything about screen overlays, how difficult are they to create?</p><div></div></span></div>

I don’t know anything about screen overlays, how difficult are they to create?

Easy. No scripting. To create an overlay over any application say, “Show Overlay.”

Then you manually create a clickable point (a numbered tag) by pressing F13 or saying “Function 13”.

You can also use our Voice Mouse to create clickable points by using commands such as: “Create tag at 73 at 39” (79 percent over and 39 percent down).

You can create clickable points at any control you want to access. Then, whenever you use your application you say, Show Overlay to view the clickable points and then say the number of the clickable point you wish to click, double click, right click, etc.

The overlays are application specific and Window specific. You can create all you need and you can create custom voice commands to control the overlays.

If you wish to try them out, we have a 30 day money back.

Thanks! After I get DPI 15 stabilized I might take you up on that.