Using multiple monitors with VoicePower

Using two monitors with VoicePower<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

The new version of VoicePower supports two monitors but this is not yet documented.

To position an application window on the left or right monitor, say:

Place monitor.

Place monitor .

(If you're using 3, 4, ... 8 monitors, let us know and we'll help you create commands...)

Once positioned on a monitor, the following commands will place an application window at various positions on the monitor.


The VoicePower Windows

The help commands will position the lessons or help screens on the same monitor next to the application window you're working in.

If you wish to position the VoicePower window on a second monitor while you're working in a first monitor, you can manually change the resolution to two monitors:



In the settings.ini file.

In XP, the settings.ini file is located in the My DocumentsVoicePower directory.

In Vista, Win7, the settings.ini file is located in the DocumentsVoicePower directory.


If you can edit XML files, you can create your own positioning commands and/or edit/delete/rename the existing VoicePower positioning commands.

We will be documenting this and adding more commands…