Using Dragon with VM

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I am a municipal government Human Resources professional, and I have purchased Dragon software for one of my employees who uses her computer and keyboard for her job as a property appraiser. Our systems run on Windows 10, and we use a remote desktop through secure VPN for our employees to access our systems. My IT folks are saying that the Dragon software will work on the employee’s laptop at home when she is using her local network, but it will not work if she is using her remote desktop to access our internal systems. Is this accurate? If so, is there any work around that may be a solution to this problem?



I tested this and got it to work.
I’d be willing to work with you.
Some of my notes on how I got it to work include:
Dragon Group, Enterprise edition is required
Need to use the Windows Remote Desktop Connection app because it enables the use of a remote microphone. The remote microphone feature would let your employee control the remote computer with Dragon.
Open the remote server’s desktop ( using RDP connection, not VPN connection), open “Start”, right click on “Computer” and choose “Properties”. Enter user name for VPN connection and click “OK”. Click all opened windows clicking “OK”.

Hi Ron. Thanks for the guidance, and I appreciate the offer to work with us on this. I will discuss this with my IT Team and let you know if I have questions. Gerald