Using a Desktop program where the Intags never show

Hi, I just started using a desktop program called Remarkable (it’s a companion to a electronic tablet called Remarkable 2). I have been using VC for a few months now and, weirdly, I believe this is the only desktop program I have used in which the In tags do not seem to appear no matter how often I call for them.

I often have to drag files in and out of this program, and would love to be able to do so using VC. Any suggestions?

Given the nature of the program, I suspect the icons are “drawn” on the screen as opposed to standard Microsoft controls. Therefore, VoiceComputer would not recognize the controls that they use. Have you tried using “my intags”? Even there, as far as the drawings/images where there are no set bounds, VoiceComputer won’t know how to “grab” the images.

I have not personally seen the product, so this is my best guess as to what’s going on.

You have two options:
My Intags. (Show My Intags Lesson)
You can place a lot of tags on the screen so you can drag files from wherever they’re located.
Our Voice Mouse. (Show Mouse Commands)
This lets you drag the mouse by voice.
Sorry for the delay in responding. Your post didn’t show up on my screen…