Upgrading to 2019

Hey all,

I believe I need to upgrade. But I can't tell what version I'm currently running. I originally purchased it in 2016. How do I figure out what version I have, and do I just purchase the voice computer 2019 upgrade?

– Matt

It’s easy to see, just go to your Control Panel and click on Programs and Features, scroll down until you come across VoiceComputer and then on the right you will see the version.

Very helpful, thanks!

An easier way:

Say: Show VoiceComputer Version.

With VC2018 and VC2019, say: Open VoiceComputer to open the VoiceComputer control Center, the version is on the lower right corner.

Dang, now why didn’t I think of that Big smile

I monitor this forum for several reasons. One of which is keeping my eyes open for announcements of new versions of the software. I had assumed that you're announcing all updates. It appears that you are only announcing major upgrades. Am I missing the minor announcements? I would love to see when you post an upgrade and a quick comment/list of what's being fixed or added. Is that found anywhere?

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It appears that you are only announcing major upgrades.

You’re right, I don’t announce minor upgrades but I should post something about them on this forum.
I list some of the upgrades and some of the fixes on our FAQ. (http://voicecomputer.com/about-us/faq/)
Minor fixes are fixes to scripts, not the core code and I don’t do a good job of keeping track of these fixes. If users report a problem, I try to send them a fix as soon as I can and add the fix to the program, without even noting it.

Speaking of upgrades. We hope to go into beta of our VC 2020 product next week. No list of features yet except to note that one major feature (auto-refresh), didn’t make it through our Alpha testing. The auto-refresh feature checks to see if they’re any changes in the Intags on a page. If there are, then it re-Intags the page. It turned out that there’s very little gain over our current methods but there’s too much cost in performance due to the backround processes required.

RonK2019-06-14 10:54:30

Hi Ron,

How is the beta testing of VC2020 going?


Okay, we’re hoping to release by the end of the week…

Thanks Ron,