Unable to install old version of VC


was trying to download the latest version of VC and tried several
times to uninstall the previous version of VC to no avail. See attached error messages…

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<div style="margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;"><font size="4"><span style="font-size:14pt;">Suggestions
 as to how to uninstall the current version of VC so I can upgrade to
your latest version? I've already tried rebooting several times and trying the
Uninstall from Control
Panel. Using Windows 7...</span></font></div>
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<div style="margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;"><font size="4"><span style="font-size:14pt;">As always, may thanks for your most valued assistance!<br><br>Alan<br><br><br><img src="uploads/858/error_1.jpg" height="151" width="557" border="0" /><br><br><img src="uploads/858/error_2.jpg" height="289" width="558" border="0" /><br><br><br><img src="uploads/858/error_3.jpg" height="195" width="580" border="0" /><br><br></span></font></div></span></font>


The Windows Control Panel, if you look at the last error message, indicates that location of the uninstall files, which is the long path in the last Windows Installer error, has either become corrupted or deleted. This can happen any time with any installation.

You should always keep the download from the version that you’re trying to uninstall in case something like this happens. What version was installed that you were trying to uninstall? Locate the setup (VC64_Setup.exe) in that set of download and extracted files for that version and run the VC64_Setup.exe. You will get the Uninstallshield dialog for that version giving you the options to Modify, Repair, or Remove options. Click on the Remove radio button and proceed. That will uninstall your previous version. Then you can install the latest version of VoiceComputer.

This is the same procedure you use if the problem should occur with any application.

If you need any further help, let us know.

Chucker2015-08-01 08:37:06

Thanks!!! That did the trick!!!

'Love DNS 13 Pro but love it much more with VoiceComputer!!!