UHD Monitor

Hello Ron. As a matter of interest, did you test Voicecomputer with a UHD monitor setup?

Yes, it works fine.

However, if you’re using two monitors then you need to configure Windows text size so it’s the same on both monitors.
Following a series of Window Insider Updates and Google Chrome Updates. Things are working rather better. The improvement is probably incidental rather than through design.

Voicecomputer using a UHD monitor will provide intags on a Chrome page without requiring the Google Chrome Intag Extension. These Intags appear by default without using the menu intag command.

Unfortunately, upon scrolling (as you have observed) the Intags become misplaced. Then rather than using the Intag-it command it is better to use Intag Menu command.

This is a little untidy but there appears to be a Chome Intag improvements in the offing.

When you get round to updating Voicecomputer, I will be very interested to see how it behaves.

Regards Stephen

NOTE: The intag menu now continuously intags the menu and the Chrome webpage so, for example, the menu may number from 1 to 19 and the webpage from 20 to 166
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Even better, albeit slightly slow, a corrective command upon scrolling adjusts the intags correctly.

Test scroll command called “Down-it”:

SendSystemKeys "{Space}"
HeardWord “intag”,"menu"

Now we no longer use the intag-it command but use the intag-menu command instead. Now we have Chome working with intags without the plug-in.

The delay in using the “Down-it” command to scroll and correct intag positioning above is typically one second. Of course, I would need corresponding commands like Downstairs, Upstairs and Up-it each including the call for intag rearrangement.

It is almost a miracle that this all works by accident.

Nimbargent2019-03-22 06:46:49

Chrome has recently had a number of updates. Each has worked a little bit differently.

I’ll try to download one of their betas so we can find out what’s coming next.