Two minor problems

One of my problems is with Microsoft Outlook 2010. It allows me to create the email and inserts the name of the recipient, I can then tab to the subject field and insert the subject, but after having tabbed to the body of the email it will not accept any dictation into the body of the email.

The other problem occurs when using xplorer2, a superior substitute for Windows Explorer, and the display numbers facility. When I have identified the file I wish to open I say ‘double click 88’ and the only thing that happens is that I hear a dull clunk in my earphones. When I say ‘display numbers’ again the file in question has a different number, but I’m able to successfully open it using the new number.



The Natspeak Outlook is listed under the active application add-ins, and I am able to dictate into the body field. This is not always the case so will not be an easy problem to solve.

I will try to keep an eye on the “results box” to ensure that Dragon is correctly interpreting the number. I notice that it struggles to recognise numbers in excess of 99 correctly, often interpreting that as 100 at 12, instead of 112.



While it is uncommon that Outlook drops the NatSpeak Outlook AddIn, whenever you have a problem with being unable to dictate into Outlook, check it. Outlook can kick it out of the Active Application Add-ins. If this occurs persistently, try running a Repair of Dragon.

When you get up into numbers >99, number recognition depends on how you pronounce the number. For example “one twelve” works for some users and not others. In such cases, try pronouncing it as “one hundred twelve” or “one hundred and twelve”. This has been going on since forever. It’s not new.