Turning off in tags

I am working within an Excel 365. The end tags continue to pop up while I am trying to work. How do I permanently turn them off. I tried going through configuring, did not work. They still pop up!

Are you using the Chrome extension? - The Intags are always active in the extension and can reactivate the default Intags in other applications.
The Intags now work in Chrome without the extension in the 2021 release so we recommend that you uninstall it.

If you’re not using the extension, the Intags shouldn’t reopen so please try to identify some VoiceComputer commands that reopen the Intags.

I’ll also look into this.

And currently, there is no way to permanently turn them off.

It seems to be getting worse. I am unable to perform even 3 moves an Excel without the intakes coming back on. Help!

Wow! I guess I need to pre-read my responses. The moves are in Excel 365. The Intags continue popping up.

I’ll check into this and get back to you.

In my versiion of the softwar I just say " Close intags "
that always works.