Trying to create overlay for specific application

I’m trying to create my intags in libre office word processor right now, but each overlay that I create is only specific to the particular window with the same title, and since each of the documents I open has a different document name and therefore a different window title, I can’t seem to create a general overlay to cover all libre office windows.

I believe that I am creating Windows specific my intags, but I don’t even know for sure because I’m finding it too confusing.

I tried to create nonapplication-specific overlays for libre office as well, but the first overlay I created for it has the wrong window size, and now for some reason I can’t delete that even by saying “delete overlay” and clicking yes to confirm.

The default Overlay is application specific.

You shouldn’t need to make a non-application specific overlay and as a general rule, you don’t want to.

Maybe Libre is causing problems with the Overlays.

I’d suggest that you that a second look at the Show Overlay lesson and then make several test overlays to get the feel of it, maybe in Word or other programs.

After you do this, shut down speech, delete the overlay master file (CustomOverlays.xml in C:ProgramDataVoiceTeachVoiceComputer.
and start all over again.

If you still have problems, I could log into your computer to get you going.


In addition to Ron's advice, this may have something to do with Libre office. Although it's a very good program and free, I recently switched to Apache OpenOffice which, contrary to Libre Office, supports Select-and-Say. This makes it much easier to work in with Dragon.
I created an overlay with it a while ago and it works perfectly, both with default opening of the program as well as saved files.

Here is the link:

Speech19652018-02-15 12:47:06