Transfer Command not working in Citrix

Current setup:

DPI 14
VC 2.20
Windows 10

Love the Transfer Command when working in Citrix from home, however since upgrade to VC 2.20 whenever I invoke the command into my Citrix window a window pops up "win batch processing"and the text does not transfer.

If I press CTRL+v the text appears within the Citrix window (say Outlook for instance).

Not sure if relating to VC upgrade or recent Windows 10 updates.



Regardless of what was working previously that is not working now, we do not support Citrix. The problem is not with VoiceComputer as much as it is with Dragon.

Try using the Dictation Box just to see if that works. My guess is that you will run into the same issue. Our transfer commands automatically copy the text to the clipboard so that you can paste it into wherever you are dictating if it doesn't automatically transfer the text to such. As long as you make sure that the dictation box is set up to do the same thing, you can test it. However, my guess is that you'll get the same results. DPI 14 and 15 do not support Citrix or Remote Desktop.

But, it was working and if Ctrl+v works, then it should be easy to modify the command. I’ll look at this, but it’ll be a couple days…