Transcription of audio files

hi all. Not really VoiceComputer related but I wondered if anybody could help. Does anybody have any recommendations of either cheap online or software based transcription tools that can transcribe MP3 files into text fairly easily? I know Dragon can do it but it doesn’t like standard MP3 files apparently.

I think the easiest and cheapest way is to convert the MP3 file to a standard 16-bit WAV file with Audacity: and then feed it to Dragon.

Dragon requires a minimum of 11.025 kHz-99 kHz sampling rate for audio file transcription. It also requires that the sample size be 16 bit mono.

In general, it is not necessary to use a third-party conversion program like audacity as long as you make sure that your audio files are recorded properly according to the sample rate and sample size above. Dragon will automatically establish the correct sample rate to 22.05 kHz 16 bit mono as long as the sample size is correct. You cannot use an audio file that is set to stereo or other than the above parameters. The most current versions of Dragon automatically adjust for sampling rate.

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