Since I’m a newcomer, perhaps I may ask a second question.

There are no Intags listed against the messages. I had hoped to use “drag nx to ny”. Please, is it that Voicecomputer does not support Thunderbird?

is it that Voicecomputer does not support Thunderbird?

Not fully. You can make an overlay for the messages field.

One of our users, Rob, had created a demo of this, but we then removed this part of the demo because the demo became too long.

The overlays are a great tool that help you make just about any application accessible.

Try them out and let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you, Ron, I will need to explore overlays at the weekend.

It is wise to create two different overlays for Thunderbird.
One for the main window which covers everything that standard intags do but now you can also include the message section properly.
For the Write, Forward and Reply window you can create a second one (overlay 2) which will work in all these three windows. Make sure to tag everything you need.

When finished you can create some very fast Dragon DVC commands to automatically call up the overlay(s) when you launch the program itself or reply (or forward) to messages.
Mind you, these are (fast) DVC commands and they use milliseconds Wait times (not seconds like in Advanced Scripting):

Opening Thunderbird:

AppBringUp "C:Your Paththunderbird.exe" 'specify the exact path to the executable
Wait 2000 'set specified wait time for your system
HeardWord "hide","numbers" 'VC sometimes shows both the overlay as well as the standard intags which is not what you want
Wait 500
HeardWord "show","overlay"

Write new email:

SendKeys "{Ctrl+n}"
HeardWord "show","overlay","2"

Reply to email:

SendKeys "{Alt+m}"
Wait 500
SendKeys "r"
HeardWord "show","overlay","2"

Forward email:

SendSystemKeys "{Alt+m}"
SendSystemKeys "f"
Wait 500
HeardWord "show","overlay","2"

Saving email to disk:

Wait 1000
HeardWord "show","numbers" 'which makes it easy to browse to the desired location

Calling up the main window overlay again is simply a matter of saying "show overlay".

Finally, closing Thunderbird and then automatically closing the (main) overlay too can be done with one simple command:


SendKeys "{Alt+F4}"
HeardWord "close","overlay"

Dictating directly into Thunderbird is a major pain. You may want to look into my Speech Productivity Dictation box which is an excellent solution to this problem.

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Thank you, Rob.

Indeed, your Dictation Box does help tremendously with Thunderbird.

Your instructions look quite complicated. I think but I'm going to have to study overlays when I have some time available.

I know that we can drag Intag to another, "drag 1 to 2". But would it be possible to sit on a message in Thunderbird and just say "drag to 34"?
That's not possible right now, you will have to speak the 'source' number first. Maybe Ron can create a command that doesn't need the source number.
The drag to command actually works very good in Thunderbird. I have four accounts in Thunderbird and I can easily drag a message from one account to another.
Speech19652018-01-13 08:15:08