Thoughts on overlays

I like the overlay system, and I had a suggestion for possibly improving it. I was thinking it would be nice if overlays darkened the screen only when creating them. After an overlay is created, there are numbers on the screen so it’s obvious the overlay is active. So it seems like there’s no reason to keep the screen dark or gray. I really like voicecomputer, so thanks for everything.

Personally I think the overlay concept is the best invention since sliced bread 😂. Nothing beats VoiceComputer!

The overlay background btw can be completely transparent if you set "Transparency of Overlay Background" to 100 in the "Configure Intags font size and colors" menu (say "Configure VoiceComputer" to get to these options). I know, I requested this feature 😁. The bluish tint gave me a headache and it wasn't needed while creating the intags either.

In addition I like to set the "Font color for my Intags" to Black and "Background color for My Intags" to White and "Transparency of My Intags Background" to 20. This gives a really natural look (in Thunderbird for instance).
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Thanks for the tips.