The save to folder command reductions

Sometimes I wonder why I am simply too stupid to use voice computer correctly? I have created various folders using the bookmark command. When I tried to save a document to one of the folders the command is merely written on the document. For example, I have a folder “timesheets.” When I give the command “save to my timesheets folder” or “save to timesheets folder” the command is merely considered dictation for the document.

Do you think that voice computer is so smart that it understands I can still use my two hands and therefore it will not allow me to use the hands-free functions?

I have to be your most aggravating customer. Sorry.

Thanks so much,


I think you're confusing apples and oranges and I think I understand the reason.

Recently on the forum, you've been asking about bookmark commands. Rob helped you with that.

So, now you're using these commands to create bookmarks. But, these commands don't include commands like "save to my timesheets folder".

You've been using VoiceComputer for many years. Years ago, before Intags, we included productivity commands such as "save to my timesheets folder". (VoiceComputer still has these commands, but they only work with IE and they need to be configured. See section 8 in "Show File Guide".)

We now 'hide' many of our productivity commands because the Intag interface is much easier to use.
We found that most users don't remember more than a handful of commands. (And why should you, you're not a computer nerd, you have work to do.)
Intags let you control just about everything without having to remember hundreds of commands.
We provide training for those who want more...

You might just need some training.

As always, I appreciate you getting back to me, Ron,

First, Rob even made me a video to help me learn how to create 2 commands for Google Chrome: the “add bookmark” and “my bookmark.” I have created them successfully in the Command Browser but when I go to execute them the dictation box pops up. Of course, I do not have the dictation box checked for unsupported applications in the user options. Hopefully, he will get back to me with help on that question.

2nd, as I understand your response, only with Internet Explorer can one save a webpage to the open from and save to commands created with the intag/bookmark and save part of voice computer. Is that correct? As I have noted in this email stream the demonstrations video does show webpage is being accessed.

I was looking back through my printed emails with you and Chucker. I have had no success with the open from/save to commands since at least 2013. I don’t understand how it can be so difficult for me to master this. I’m going to start at the beginning and configure my VC for those commands. I am only using them with Microsoft Word. I don’t recall any other VC user complaining about the difficulty of that portion of voice computer. Candidly, it must be me.

Is the latest version of VC any easier to use with regard to these open from/save commands? I would gladly purchase it but if I still have the same problem I do now it makes little sense. I think your program is incredible other than my inability to have control of my files.

So I will try again.

Much appreciated. Regards to Chucker.



I assume the only configure voice computer commands that I have to worry about are in the first one, the number one. Number 6 doesn’t seem to apply to what I am attempting to do. I noted in an old email with Chuck or that there was a “voice shortcuts command”. I noted in the various commands available in number one that it was not checked. Hopefully that’s the problem.

I will keep you posted.



Good news. I think I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. I did all my bookmarking from my show my documents menu. I now can successfully open files and save to them. I will keep you posted of my continued success.

I am very excited.

Thanks for the patience.