The command show display numbers demo hates me

When I try to deploy the command show display numbers demo it deploys the exercise rather than the demo.

Should I take this personally?

As always,

Thanks so much.

Isn’t it interesting that I seem to have more questions on this forum than anyone. But then again, having provided my picture, I think everyone understands. I’m going to put it on again. Which reminds me of an old TV program with physicist Julius Sumner Miller. In this attached video I laugh every time because he repeats the experiment and basically says I’m doing it because I like it! I suspect Chucker will get a big kick out of it because I bet somewhere in his educational past he excelled in physics. My Baker Street irregulars say that he ghost wrote “A Brief History of Time” which I just learned was on the bestseller list longer than any other book: 400 weeks.



Thanks for pointing this out. You’re right, it brings up the exercise rather than the demo. I’ve reported it to Ron.

Thanks, Chucker,

was I correct about your physics background???



I took physics in high school and college (as an elective), but astrophysics and cosmology are my hobbies. I’m no physicist even though I do understand physics.


Wasn't Carl Sagan a cosmologist? His series was fantastic.


Yes, Carl Sagan was a cosmologists, but he preferred to be considered simply an astronomer.