Telephone/computer headset recommendation

I recently purchased for an incredible price the Jabra Pro 9470 headset which allows me to switch between the telephone and the computer. Here is its website information:

When I set it up, it was perfect for telephone calls. Extremely clear on both ends. However, I couldn’t figure out how to get the dictation function to work. I sent an email at approximately 8:30 PM last night when I left the office. When I came in this morning, I had an email response at 11:03 PM! It easily fixed my problem.

So far, I have had 100% accuracy with this headset. I cannot recommend it or the company more highly. I have never seen such quick customer service with an email.



First, we’ve had clients experiment with the Jabra Pro 9470. It works well as long as you are either dictating or talking on the phone. However, there is a glitch. If you want to listen to a phone conversation and dictate at the same time, the Jabra Pro 9470 will pick up the conversation from the person on the other end of your phone connection and Dragon will transcribe it. Therefore, you can’t dictate and talk on the telephone the same time. Therefore, while I would concur with your experience relative to either talking on the phone or dictating into Dragon, you can’t do both simultaneously. At least that’s been our experience and we spent a number of hours with the support staff for Jabra.

Second, be careful about claiming 100% accuracy. Accuracy is asymptomatic. That is, it’s mathematically impossible to get 100% accuracy 100% of the time. Sooner or later you’re going to run into misrecognitions. However, I do agree with you that it is quite good in terms of being capable of high accuracy. I find that on average it is about 99.3% to 99.7%, given the understanding that microphones don’t, people do. Chucker2014-07-17 02:29:38

Thank you for getting back to me Chucker,

Because I got this at such a cheap cost, I may look at the new Sennheiser SD Pro 1, Which I also might get at a steel. I will have to determine if it has the new den dictation capability. My old Sennheiser BW 900 did have that capability.

As far as the accuracy, it was just for the limited dictation I had done up to the time of the post. You will note that I did not achieve 100% accuracy i.e. what I bolded.

Take care.


Just yanking your chain.

Good microphones get 100% accuracy every now and then. What’s important is that you don’t have to make excessive amounts of corrections. Having to correct something every now and then is fine and easy. It gets much more tedious if you’re accuracy falls below 98%. Then you get relatively unproductive very quick.Chucker2014-07-17 08:23:15


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A while ago you recommended the WMC 1500. At the time, I bought it and loved it. In fact, I still use it. What made you change?


Jim can correct me if I’m mistaken but I believe that it isn’t the quality of the microphone that caused him to change to the Jabra 9470 Pro, it was functionality.

He wanted a microphone that he could use for both telephony and Dragon, which the 9470 Pro does very nicely with but one caveat, which I spelled out in my previous post.Chucker2014-07-19 18:30:02

That makes a lot of sense. I just find the microphone I use to be excellent. It’s only two false are that it’s extremely delicate and it has poor rechargeable battery life.

I still love the WNC 1500. Typically use it when I either am not taking calls for a while or after hours. Just bought the Jebra to switch between computer and phone.


I didn’t see Chucker’s post when I dictated mine. AS usual, he is correct.

Trionalaw2014-07-21 06:30:01


My problem is that in the second year of this microphone, the battery life is pitifully short. That causes me tremendous problems in the middle of dictation. I’m wondering if you’re having the same issues. Also, do you have another recommendation for a good dictation microphone that does not require a rechargeable battery and has earphones like this one? It does not have to be wireless. In fact, wired is probably the better way to go.


I have this one and it is very accurate. I highly recommend it.

I hope this helps.



Thanks for the recommendation. It looks like it needs an external sound card. Which one did you buy?

Also, does it bother you having only one ear phone? I use the, “read me” function quite a bit for editing. Also, I have really enjoyed having a 2 ear phone for listening to videos that I often have to do for work. On the other hand, you can’t beat the price of this recommendation. How long have you had yours?


As you can see I am a fan of KnowBrainer. I will buy my Dragon 13 update from it. Exceptional customer service.

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