Tag function problem again

I downloaded the latest version. I use the “show my computer” command to reach my different computer drives. Our server is the number four listed. I say “list 4” and all the folders with in the server come up. For the several folders I use for the shortcut I simply say “tag whatever number.”

On the previous version I could give the order to open a folder by saying “list whatever number.” I’ve attached a screen capture of what happens when I say “list 81.” It worked with the previous version.

Once I get this figured out with your help, I will try to figure out how I can save these shortcuts and use them with the next version. Anyone have any advice where I should look on the VoiceComputer menu?

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if the screenshot did not come out appropriately, it simply shows the show my computer menu with the command I gave “list 81” in the search box and the name of the server drive at the top of the menu. The menu where the items should be listed is blank. Thanks.Trionalaw2013-03-28 08:26:17


First, make sure that you have the appropriate commands enabled (i.e., configure VoiceComputer | 16 open).

Second, it’s painfully obvious from your screen capture that your command ended up in the search box at the bottom, which will produce a blank screen because the search box is looking for specific files and file types. Executing the “list 81” shouldn’t and uploading that command in the search box. It should open the list.

Try making sure that your commands are properly enabled, then try it again. I have seen this happen but I know that it was my mistake that resulted in the command ending up in the search box rather than performing the command function. Also, as with all commands whether they be VoiceComputer or Dragon, make sure you don’t pause between “list” and “81”.

It must’ve been I was delaying between the two command components. It is working fine now.

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