Tag command is not functioning appropriately

My tag commands are not functioning properly. In other words, the wrong folders are being opened when I give the commands. I can’t figure out how to double check these commands. I know it is someplace but for the life of me I can’t figure out where they are.

I should know better.

Thanks to all.


None of them work? Did you import the favorites?
To view the tags, say "Show My Favorites", delete the malfunctioning tags ("Delete tag x"), create a few more and let me know whether the new tags continue to open the wrong folders.
If you're familiar with xml, you can also view and edit the tags in the favorites.xml file located in your documentsvoicecomputertags directory.
Are the directory paths correct?
RonK2013-03-08 18:21:39


Am I right in thinking that with each new release of VC we have to modify the appropriate xml file each time, or would it be possible for us to create our own xml file which we can save somewhere safe and just copy back into the correct place in the C:Users…DocumentsVoiceComputer… directory when a new version is introduced?

I have some commands I use in Office2010 and I keep amending the office2010.xml file with each new version, but none of the commands are likely to be of any use to anyone else as they are specific to the task I am undertaking.

Could an empty file called usersfile.xml be added to VC, but which could be replaced by users with their own code, or does code specific to Office 2010 have to go in the office2010.xml file in the appropriate section for the relevant application?



Yes, I've attached a sample. You just have to be sure to have unique file and menu names.

Thanks Ron,

I have modified your file and will use it tomorrow.