Switching focus of VoicePower

I often make use of both DNS and WSR in the same session. Is there a simple way to switch the focus of VoicePower from one to the other, or can that be done only during the installation process?

I was expecting Chuck or Ron to reply but in the meantime I believe I am right in saying that VP for DNS and VP for WSR are two separate programmes and can’t be switched at will or, again I believe, even run simultaneously. Therefore, at least for the time being, what you want is not possible.

Yes. You can easily configure VoicePower Ultimate to work with either Dragon or WSR.
Just say “Open Dragon or WSR,” configure for Dragon or WSR, and then restart VoicePower. (Or go to the Start Menu> VoicePower>Dragon or WSR).
RonK2010-08-31 12:35:50

Hi all,

Unfortunately, yesterday at 4:30 p.m. my time we had a power failure that lasted until 4 a.m. today. On top of that, my ISP is been playing games with us all day trying to fix the consequences of that power failure. As a result, I've been online, off-line, online, off-line all day long, and I have lost all more posts than I care to think about. At any rate, enough excuse making, let's get to the heart of the matter.

First, if you have a version of VoicePower that allows you to switch between Dragon NaturallySpeaking and WSR, then it is basically a simple process to switch back and forth between two.

Ron has basically covered the fundamentals. However, this is the method that I use:

First, if you're just starting up your system, start both Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) and Dragon NaturallySpeaking. You will find that Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) play very nicely together. In fact, you can have both of them enabled and the microphone active in both and dictate into an application window. The only bizarre thing that happens is that your dictation will be duplicated twice, once from Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) and once from DNS. This is primarily because Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) users SAPI 5.3 and DNS uses SAPI 4.0a. Therefore they don't conflict with one another and if you're using the same microphone for both, you can dictate using both at the same time. They don't conflict with one another.

Second, before opening VoicePower decide which version of VoicePower you want active. You can choose to either access the Dragon or WSR option from the Start menu, All Programs, VoicePower, Dragon or WSR and choose which speech recognition version you wish to use. Or, you can turn off the microphone for either Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) depending upon which you wish to use and which you used last (i.e., for which version VoicePower was it last configured). I generally recommend that if you're going to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking that you not only turn off the microphone for Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) in the microphone bar by right clicking on the microphone icon or simply saying "show speech options" and saying "off do not listen to anything I say" with the Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) microphone on and listening and the DNS microphone off. This will turn the microphone off for Windows Speech Recognition (WSR), after which you can simply minimize it to the systray for when you want to switch to it. Turn the microphone on for Dragon NaturallySpeaking and say "open VoicePower". If Dragon NaturallySpeaking was the last configured version for using VoicePower and that's the version that you wish to use (i.e., Dragon naturally speaking), VoicePower will open and load the Dragon version and you can proceed. If you want to use the Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) version, turn off the Dragon microphone, use the manual approach for selecting "Dragon or WSR" as noted above and switch to that particular version. Then with the Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) microphone turned on, simply say "open VoicePower". VoicePower should start up in Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) mode. You can then proceed to use it with Windows Speech Recognition (WSR).

Third, as long as you maintain Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) loaded, switching back and forth between the to use a simple process. All you have to do is to say "configure VoicePower". When the VoicePower configuration dialog is displayed, simply choose the option "Configure VoicePower for Dragon or WSR" and make the appropriate selection. You will be notified that the next time you start VoicePower it will be configured for the appropriate selection. Once that is done and you are properly notified, simply say "close VoicePower". This will shut VoicePower down but leave Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) open and active. Do not shut down either one if you want to be able to switch back and forth between the two. In the case of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you cannot shut it down properly if VoicePower is closed. That is, you can't save your user files under this condition. You have to completely shut down speech recognition, which shuts down both Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Windows Speech Recognition (WSR), which is not necessary if you wish to switch between them. So, leave both Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) open but turn off the microphone for the one that you're not going to be using. Once you have switched VoicePower to the appropriate SR version, simply say "open VoicePower" again using either Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) or Dragon NaturallySpeaking as appropriate to the version that you want to switch to. VoicePower will now open with that version selected and active. When you want to switch again, simply say "configure VoicePower" and select the appropriate option again making the appropriate change as noted above. Then, say "close VoicePower", turn off the appropriate microphone and turn the other one on and then repeat "open VoicePower". VoicePower will now open with the appropriate speech engine version selected.

This is all you have to do to switch back and forth between versions of VoicePower on-the-fly. It is straightforward and works quite well. When you're ready to close everything down for the day, simply say "shut down speech recognition" from what ever speech engine you're using (Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) as appropriate). This will shut down Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) and prompt you to save your DNS user profile.

Lastly, VoicePower works exactly the same way in both Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) and Dragon NaturallySpeaking. One of the nice features is the fact that what ever you create in terms of your own self programming commands/VoiceShortcuts in VoicePower, are cross compatible with both DNS and WSR. So, if you create VoiceShortcuts to move/send/change to folders in Microsoft Outlook in Dragon NaturallySpeaking, they will be available in and functional in Windows Speech Recognition (WSR). So, you do not have to create shortcuts or use the VoicePower commands any differently regardless of which speech engine you're using or which speech engine you were using to create them originally. In other words, our whole approach to VoicePower is "create it once, use it in both."

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please post them.

Checking the forum after some time I realized that I had failed to acknowledge responses to my question . So, thank you Ron for, as always, replying promptly. Thank you Chuck for your complete and very helpful instructions. And, thank you Graham for your good intentions. Wink


hello Chucker:

I send a message directly to VoicePower about this but got no reply unless it came in while I was in a three-week trial in missed it.

I configured VoicePower so that I could open various folders on my server. I followed it religiously. However, I cannot get it to work. It simply does not follow the “look in” or “save as” command. Oddly, I had to exit when I was trying to search this forum. When I dictated “configure VoicePower” VoicePower executed it as a command rather than letting me dictate into the search box! Ever heard of that? I certainly would not want to have to close out of VoicePower every time I use this forum.

So any help you could give me I would greatly appreciate it. The configure VoicePower feature was one of the reasons I purchased the program.

As always, much appreciated.