Switch DragonBar to Docked to top mode

I’m trying to made a macro for "Switch DragonBar to Docked to top mode"
I tried:

HeardWord “Switch”, “DragonBar”, “to”, “Docked”, “to”, “top”, "mode"

but that does not work. Does any have any ideas?

David G


Sometimes the problem is syntax. That is, sometimes the text (i.e., in quotes) needs to be all lowercase and sometimes it needs to be exactly as the command in the Command Browser is designated (i.e., title case). You’ll have to experiment with it.

Regardless, why do you want to create a macro when the Natural Language Commands for all DragonBar modes exist in the Command Browser Global Commands | Keyword Filter: DragonBar. All your drawing by trying to create a macro is duplicating what you can say already using the Natural Language Commands.

I guess what I don’t understand is why the need to create a macro when you can just say it using any one of the Natural Language Commands listed in the Command Browser?

Hi Chuck

My reason is I am having a hard time saying all the words “Switch DragonBar to Docked to top mode” and just wanted to see if I could shorten to something easy to say.

I tried using lowercase and all it says <???>.