Switch between open documents in Word

I suspect the answer to this is actually in VoiceComputer somewhere but I sure as the dickens can’t find it. I’m somewhat off my game both because of the Royal pregnancy and that our Christmas party was last night.

Is there any way to switch between open documents in Word?

Another question. I now have two documents opened side-by-side with word’s view option. Is there a command to switch between them in that scenario?

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Jim Trionalaw2012-12-21 11:10:25


It’s easier than you think. Say ‘Switch to Document1’ and you will switch from Document2 to Document1. This also works if you have used View, Arrange All to arrange the documents one above the other. I tried arranging them side by side and this command did switch between the two documents, but also resized them, which was not what I wanted.

I am using Word 2010 in Windows 7, VoiceComputer 12.25, and Dragon 12 premium.


Thank you for getting back to me so quickly,

I downloaded the newest version of VoiceComputer and I am having problems getting it to understand my commands. Once I have figured that out, I will report how your advice worked. I am certain it will be as advertised.

By the way, I assume it works for as many documents as I may have open?

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Yes, what you suggest works fine if the document filename (titlebar) are “Document 1” and “Document 2”. However, if they have unique names such as “December 20, 2012 Pointe 'O Woods Condo Assoc.” and “2012 Christmas letter”, that won’t work, unfortunately. Under the latter condition, you have to be able to say the entire document filename to switch between documents. Also, that’s a Dragon command anyway. What VoiceComputer does is allow you to dictate the command from Any Ribbon. For example, if you’re on the Home Ribbon and you say "switch to " then VoiceComputer will take you directly to that document as long as you dictate the document filename correctly (verbatim). This can be tricky at best if your document name is difficult to say in a natural manner or you’re not sure of the complete document filename.

As far as Jim’s questions are concerned, there are three ways that you can do this:

1. The way that Viv suggested as long as you can dictate the document filename correctly.

2. You can say “switch windows” and you will be taken to the switch windows drop-down list showing all of your open documents. Each document will be numbered. Select the document you want to switch to and then simply say "press and the number assigned to that document. For example if the document that you want to switch to is 3, then all you have to do is to say “press 3”.

3. The simplest way to switch between two documents using VoiceComputer is to say “View Side by Side”. Then, depending upon which document has focus, simply say “place focus <right | left>”. Keep in mind that if you have documents in the upper left, lower left, upper right, lower right, centered, top, or bottom , then you can also use the "place focus " to accommodate those locations. This should be the answer (solution) to your second question (problem).
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Thanks so much, Chucker:

I use the side-by-side view and the focus command. Works like a charm.

Much appreciated and happy holidays,