Super numbers working well so far in Amicus in Att

I have a legal management program called Amicus Attorney. One of its features is a note section. I dictate into the notes section and then can send it to whomever in the office. I can also attach the note to a particular file. For that part of Amicus Attorney super numbers is working beautifully.

I will report back on the other portions of the program as I use them. I was just so excited about its success with the notes portion I had to send this.

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Keep it up Ron, Chucker and all the other supersmart people working for you who intimidated people like me in school.

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did not take a deep breath and count to 46: the attached image is where I get when I click my 3 super number. I would like to drill down that case list. How would I do that, Ron, Chucker, or any of the other smart people on this forum? Much appreciated. Attached is the screenshot. Trionalaw2013-06-05 08:36:08


This Super Number commands for drilling down are "Continue #" or "Follow #". The only problem is that the overlays have to be set up properly in sequence so that when you continue or follow, the correct Super Numbers overlay is displayed. Otherwise, you'll go off into left field.

Can you give me a better step-by-step of what you're intending? If you can, I can help you create the overlays so that you can use the continue/follow commands. Keep in mind that the limit of numbers in an overlay is 100. I don't recall off the top of my head how many overlays that you can create in one application, but even if it's only 100, I doubt that anyone will ever get that many overlays created for any application. If you need a better explanation of Super Numbers commands, simply say "show super number commands".

Let me know if you have any problems or you are unsure about what you're doing. It can be a little tricky until you get the hang of it, but otherwise it straightforward.


thanks so much for getting back to me. I will have to send attachments to you by email because they are too big for the reply. My screen capture of the first page of Amicus is too big to attach. I therefore will email it to you. What I attached in my previous post is the screen that comes up when I dictate into the notes section. With amicus attorney I use e-file program the calendar program the communications program, the people program and the notes program.

My email goes through the sequence for sending notes to people in my office regarding certain files. When a file or file is selected, once it is set it gets attached to that file in the notes section so I can refer to them whenever necessary.

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Trionalaw2013-06-06 12:52:20