Super numbers will not work on my desktop

I have been using super numbers in various applications and feel like I just lost 22 pounds. (Something that would make me very happy!)

However, when I tried to use it with my desktop it brings up the previous program I was working in. Since my wife is not interested in this stuff, I will ask you all: what am I doing wrong?

As always, much appreciated.



The likely reason is that the focus is not on the desktop. Move the mice pointer to the desktop somewhere and say “mouse click”. Then, say any one of the Super Numbers commands, I prefer “create overlay”. That should allow you to enter any of the numbers that you want anywhere on your desktop. The problem with the desktop is that you have the DragonBar, you have the taskbar, and you have the desktop. Likely years that the focus was on the taskbar because the last application that you had open opened up.

Remember, if you accidentally create an overlay, then you need to delete it before you create a new one. Keep your eye on the numbers on the lower right Re: current overlay/number of overlays (i.e., 2/2, 1/3, 1/1, etc. You can only delete the current overlay. That is, you can’t say “delete overlay 3” if you are in overlay #1.

As usual, Chucker:

it worked as you said it would!

Thanks so much,