Super numbers question

I used super numbers for for my billing program. It worked well. However, when I went back to what I was working on, and then return to the billing program I had to give the command to open super numbers again. Is there a way for the program to be permanent? Is that the overlay or whatever?

It is a cool option.



>I had to give the command to open super numbers again.

<div><span style=": rgb251, 251, 253;"><br></span></div><div>That is, you would like the overlay to be displayed whenever you open certain applications?</div><div><br></div><div><br></div>





That’s great,I agree with your thought.

Chucker2013-09-11 05:44:28

I’ll leave this up to Ron in that it should be possible.

However, keep in mind what Aesop said:

Be careful what you wish for. You may find that what you get is not what you expect, or what you want. - Aesop (620 BC - 700 BC modern interpretation)

That Is, it’s easier to break something trying to fix it. Sometimes you need to think in terms of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I’m not trying to be a party pooper here, but it’s so easy to simply say “show overlay” or “show overlay #”, where #= the number of the overlay that you want to open if you have multiple overlays for a particular application or window. It takes half a second.

Just playing devils advocate. My experience with application development is, and Dragon is a good example, the more features that you try to add, the greater the propensity for them not working properly or breaking something else.Chucker2013-05-23 08:27:59


as always, I agree with you. I guess it just highlights my complete laziness, both physically and mentally. The fact I get winded when I brush my teeth probably says something.

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Maybe your view is right. Would you like the overlay to be displayed whenever you open certain applications.
hardis2014-01-15 19:28:41

I guess not. Sometimes, when I am really in a hurry, it is quicker to use the mouse. No offense to VoiceComputer. I’m practically incontinent waiting for the update to come out.

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Unless a user needs to work hands-free, many users find that using the mouse is sometimes more efficient given time constraints and/or other factors. I do it from time to time.

When I review a feature for reliability, accessibility, and function, I always try to take into consideration what the pros and cons might be for the average user. For example, if Super Numbers were to always open up every time you load a specific application for which there is an overlay or a collection of overlays, consider the consequent effect. Supposing the user doesn’t want the overlays to display. Automatically doing so means that they have to issue an extra command close such. In addition, what happens if you have overlays set for Internet Explorer. Super Numbers doesn’t distinguish between tabs as far as the display of overlays. Therefore, if you have six tabs open and you created overlays for each of the associated applications, your overlays always open up with overlay 1, supposing your application is using overlay 6 and Super Numbers automatically opens with overlay 1. Now you have to say “show overlay 6”. Because of the way Super Numbers works, which is the only way that it can work, it can’t automatically identify which Internet Explorer tab (application) assigned to which overlay.

In other words there are any number of pros and cons two different approaches. The goal is to keep it consistent and reliable. Otherwise you end up pleasing some and pissing off the rest (pardon my French), which, simply put, makes more work for the developer and generally tends to create more problems than it solves.Chucker2013-09-11 07:00:20


A couple of things about Super Numbers.

If you want to open an overlay and click 5, you say “Open click 5”.

There’s a second command, that’s not currently enabled, that lets you open overlay 3 and click 8 by saying, “Open 3 click 8.”

We made Super Numbers customizable. For example, it can be customized to recognize a particular window or website, it can be customized to send a series of clicks and keystrokes. We’re implementing some of these features in our training business. We’ll simplify and document these capabilities as we can.