Super enthusiastic numbers

What do do when VC gets carried away placing numbers…?
Refreshing the intags doesn’t seem to work.

This is in Edge.

I’m sorry, I seem to have all kinds of weird things at the moment.

Refresh Numbers, or Close numbers, Show Numbers

I also experience this problem with Edge and UHD screen. It is particularly problematic when manual movements are used alongside voice movements, e.g. physically using the down arrow keys. The intags just do not refresh. The rule with Voicecomputer should be to avoid physical keyboard interventions. I have created a series very simple page movement commands each ending with HeardWord “intag”,“window”.

e.g. Nudge-it
SendSystemKeys “{Down 4}”
HeardWord “intag”,“window”

We’ll be working on some of these issues in the coming weeks (months?)

I hope it will be weeks, because it’s completely unworkable for me at the moment…
I don’t want to sound discouraging and I do appreciate you creating the program a lot, but I’m running in too many problems. I would almost wish there was even a lighter than light version, that would only give taskbar numbers, because those are a lifesaver.
That’s basically how I am using the program right now, with keeping the numbers hidden most of the time.