Start up options

Is there any way to configure voicecomputer to start up with my computer completely? Right now it happens is voicecomputer brings up a screen, and I have to follow that up with bring up voicecomputer. I do this every time so I would prefer to just have it be done automatically.

Another issue I have is that occasionally it’s either voicecomputer or Dragon will stop responding. And if I wait a few minutes it will catch up and execute the commands I issued when it had stopped responding. I had this issue just now when trying to make a post on this website. Any solutions to this?

The preferred way is to use the VC Microphone, which will give you complete hands-free control of teh computer.
You can configure a task for the VC Microphone so it’ll automatically start up.
You can then use the Mic’s commands to open Dragon/VoiceComputer and restart them even if they crash.

However, the VC Microphone is not plug-and-play, It works perfectly out-of-the-box for many users but others need help. (We’re thinking of offering setup and a lesson in the VC Microphone for $100.)

The alternative: place VoiceComputer.exe (in the C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceTeach\VoiceComputer\scripts) directory in startup.
This will open Dragon and the VoiceComputer program on startup.

occasionally it’s either voicecomputer or Dragon will stop responding.
This is unusual! -
First, how much memory do you have? - We recommend 12-16 GB. (And more, if you’re using memory intensive programs!)
Second, it’s important to maintain your computer! - Routinely use a program such as Glary utilities (free).

Well, just so there’s no confusion… Dragon and voicecomputer start with the computer. So voicecomputer starts and it brings up the screen, which I think is the control center. And I have to say “bring up voicecomputer”. I would just like to skip this last step of having to say bring up voicecomputer.

I have 16 GB of RAM, Dragon should be the only memory intensive program I use. I will try the utilities program you mention.

Only start VoiceComputer with the computer. VoiceComputer starts both programs without any dialog.

In my Dragon settings it is not set up to start with the computer. I also do not see it in the startup list of programs. So I guess I just have voicecomputer set to start up with the computer. Which is fine that works. I guess voicecomputer starts and then it starts Dragon. So I don’t have any issue with that, it works great. I just wish the there was an option to start voicecomputer completely. Basically it starts Dragon and voicecomputer and leaves it at the “bring up voicecomputer” screen. So whenever I boot my computer I have to come over and tell it to bring up voicecomputer. It’s not automatic. That’s what I’m getting at I wish it was just automatic, voicecomputer just completely starts without having to do extra stuff. Anyways just a thought not real important I guess. Maybe mine is acting differently than it is for most people not sure.

Something’s wrong. Putting VoiceComputer in Startup, starts both Dragon and VoiceComputer.
I can see four reasons why you might have this problem.
If Dragon is also in startup.
A lot of programs in startup,
Poor system performance. Computer needs maintenance.
The computer is acting illogically. (Not a surprise. If people acted rationally/logically, the Pandemic would be under control.)