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Is there any way to configure voicecomputer to start up with my computer completely? Right now it happens is voicecomputer brings up a screen, and I have to follow that up with bring up voicecomputer. I do this every time so I would prefer to just have it be done automatically.

Another issue I have is that occasionally it’s either voicecomputer or Dragon will stop responding. And if I wait a few minutes it will catch up and execute the commands I issued when it had stopped responding. I had this issue just now when trying to make a post on this website. Any solutions to this?

The preferred way is to use the VC Microphone, which will give you complete hands-free control of teh computer.
You can configure a task for the VC Microphone so it’ll automatically start up.
You can then use the Mic’s commands to open Dragon/VoiceComputer and restart them even if they crash.

However, the VC Microphone is not plug-and-play, It works perfectly out-of-the-box for many users but others need help. (We’re thinking of offering setup and a lesson in the VC Microphone for $100.)

The alternative: place VoiceComputer.exe (in the C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceTeach\VoiceComputer\scripts) directory in startup.
This will open Dragon and the VoiceComputer program on startup.

occasionally it’s either voicecomputer or Dragon will stop responding.
This is unusual! -
First, how much memory do you have? - We recommend 12-16 GB. (And more, if you’re using memory intensive programs!)
Second, it’s important to maintain your computer! - Routinely use a program such as Glary utilities (free).

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Well, just so there’s no confusion… Dragon and voicecomputer start with the computer. So voicecomputer starts and it brings up the screen, which I think is the control center. And I have to say “bring up voicecomputer”. I would just like to skip this last step of having to say bring up voicecomputer.

I have 16 GB of RAM, Dragon should be the only memory intensive program I use. I will try the utilities program you mention.

Only start VoiceComputer with the computer. VoiceComputer starts both programs without any dialog.

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In my Dragon settings it is not set up to start with the computer. I also do not see it in the startup list of programs. So I guess I just have voicecomputer set to start up with the computer. Which is fine that works. I guess voicecomputer starts and then it starts Dragon. So I don’t have any issue with that, it works great. I just wish the there was an option to start voicecomputer completely. Basically it starts Dragon and voicecomputer and leaves it at the “bring up voicecomputer” screen. So whenever I boot my computer I have to come over and tell it to bring up voicecomputer. It’s not automatic. That’s what I’m getting at I wish it was just automatic, voicecomputer just completely starts without having to do extra stuff. Anyways just a thought not real important I guess. Maybe mine is acting differently than it is for most people not sure.

Something’s wrong. Putting VoiceComputer in Startup, starts both Dragon and VoiceComputer.
I can see four reasons why you might have this problem.
If Dragon is also in startup.
A lot of programs in startup,
Poor system performance. Computer needs maintenance.
The computer is acting illogically. (Not a surprise. If people acted rationally/logically, the Pandemic would be under control.)

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