It has been an accelerated learning curve for me using various tactics to get quickly into hands-free computing. I have had a lot of help from friends on the Internet. Voicecomputer has within a few weeks become very central to my needs. Thank you, Ron. However, I have suddenly realised that to achieve stability and sanity it is absolutely essential to switch off the Google Chrome Web Extension. This program from Nuance crashes frequently and necessitates the restart of Chrome and Voicecomputer.

I am of the mind now that Voicecomputer negates the need for this appalling extension. My other finding is that it is far better to avoid dictating directly into Chrome.


You are right about the Chrome extension. I’ve used it in Dragon Pro 10, DPI 14 and DPI 15 on several systems and it always crashed Dragon after a couple of minutes, especially after closing certain webpages.
Not to an extent that I had to reboot anything but I did have to wait a couple of minutes everytime, which was a real nuisance.
I have a hunch that at least 50% of all Dragon crashes are caused by Dragon extensions (but most people probably don’t realize that ).
The Dragon extension seems to work more reliably in Internet Explorer though.
However I don't use it because Intags work better and are also easier on your voice ;-) </div><div><br></div><div> Rob


Thank you, Rob. I have been using Voicecomputer all day together with your dictation box and I haven’t had a single crash. Unfortunately for me, the loss of the extension is necessitating my restarting of various applications including Voicecomputer. I can no longer see any particular benefit from using that extension. It might help others to know that they are not alone with this problem. Regards, Stephen