SP Press Utility

I added a small utility to the Speech Productivity website. SP Press Utility is the quickest and easiest way to keep the left or right mouse buttons pressed by voice. For instance if you want to rearrange icons on the desktop. This utility can come in handy for those who are still able to move the mouse (cursor) but find it painful to keep the mouse buttons pressed.

SP Press Utility works great in combination with VoiceComputer giving you fast and powerful commands like "Press 12", "Press Right 93" etc.
Additional XML code and instructions to integrate these commands into your VoiceComputer installation are included.
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Nice little utility if you want to manually move the mouse, but creating an XML file to move the mouse by voice and adding it to VoiceComputer is redundant.

VoiceComputer’s mouse commands (mouse move/drag) are much faster and already built into VoiceComputer. They essentially accomplish the same thing.

Refamiliarize yourself with the VoiceComputer mouse commands.

I’ll concede that your SP Press Utility may have some useful features and functions. However, adding it to VoiceComputer via the XML file will tend to screw up anybody trying to use the VoiceComputer mouse move/drag commands.


You’re right that VoiceComputer’s drag commands are fast and let users drag objects on their computer.

But, some users have requested additional capabilities that our drag commands don’t have.

Rob’s Press mouse command seems to fill this niche very nicely.

RonK2019-04-08 08:06:05

Please watch this video first, then decide what you think of the utility:


Of course VoiceComputer has the best drag to capability. But that's not what this utility is aimed at. It's mostly meant to quickly keep the mouse buttons (left or right, pressed by voice).

The additional advantage is that you can make use of VoiceComputer intags to quickly 'grab' a file or folder and then use either the built in Dragon mouse move commands, mouse grid or more refined moving commands as demonstrated in this video.

Sure there's probably other ways to go about this, but this is probably the fastest.
Speech19652019-04-08 11:46:34