Some VoicePower commands not working in Word 2010

I'm having problems with some of my commands for Word 2010. Most of them work exactly the way they're supposed to work. However, some do not work at all no matter how I rearrange or restructure them.

For example, this one works fine.
This one does not work. The keystroke combination works fine when I manually do it in Word, however the script produces "Altjldr".
What is going on here?


<p>It looks as though the XML scripting language is not accepting "ldr" in your rows command<font face="Arial">. I'll pass that along to Ron and see what he says.</font></p><font face="Arial">

</font><p>You know, of course, that we're up to VoicePower 11.66<font face="Arial">. While I doubt it, but could fix that particular problem. If you haven't updated to that version yet, send me an e-mail to </font></p><font face="Arial"></font>

I am currently on 11.6.6.


First, I have to say that we don’t officially support scripting. Our scripting is meant for internal use only and as such has no error checking - so it is definitely not recommended.
We used this scripting to make our old Dragon commands compatible with .Net Framework sendkeys without having to rewrite them. (We don’t use the Dragon SDK. We use .Net Framework and .Net Framework sendkeys. ".)
I would recommend that users try our "Create Self-programming command.’ This no-scripting approach lets even novices create commands by voice without knowing any scirpting language (or being concerned about errors). We intend to continue to improve this no-scripting approach so that any user can quickly customize their enviroment.
To answer your question:
.Net is inconsistent in the way it handles several keyboard commands given to it at a time.
So, it doesn’t surprise me that
sendsystemkeys "{Alt+j}ldt"
works fine but
sendsystemkeys "{Alt+j}ldr"
The best approach is to break your command line into two or more separate command lines, as in:

Where do I locate that Create Self-Programming Command?

Say, "Configure Voice Shortcuts" then "7 Open" (Add or Edit a 'Keyboard Shortcut command)

(Or "Configure VoicePower" then "3 Open" (Create Self-Programming Command))
For more about this feature, see "Show Voice Shortcuts Lesson" (Sections 6-9)
Let me know if you have any questions.