smart quotes redux

I continue to use the smart quotes. I just love them. Here is my most recent dictation using them. They deployed pursuant to the command; however, my question is are they spaced correctly?

<span =“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”> she stated“Nathaniel is a very smart little boy. He will
quickly adapt as necessary.”I could not have scripted it any better.

In my world such that it is I would think there would be a space before the open quote and a space after the close quote.

Ron? Chucker? Mr. White(I am blanking on his first name) who wrote "Elements of Style? " [I did not use the smart quotes because I don’t think they work in this dictation box. At least they wouldn’t deploy for me. All I got was the word smart with a quotation mark.

Thank you,



I’m working on an update with a few bug fixes and added a space before and after the smart quotes. The VP smart quotes only work in Word.

This should be available within a week.

As always, Ron,

Thanks so much. By the way I remembered Mr. White’s first name. It was the initials: EB.