Slow commands in new version

I downloaded the new version and everything appeared okay. But then, I decided that I was smarter than the program and arranged to save to a file folder other than the default. (It’s the folder that uploads automatically to my cloud backup on my documents). The first thing I noticed after that was that although the command names stayed intact, the keyboard command itself disappeared for keyboard shortcuts. Then, I fired up Outlook and noticed that the command, “send to folder” slowed to a crawl. I then panicked and redirected the backup to what I thought was the default that the program sets on my documents called, voice computer BK. Where should the backup go for optimal speed?

Where should the backup go for optimal speed?

VC normally creates a VoiceComputer directory in your My Documents follder but The VoiceComputer configuration folder can be placed on the local drive in a folder that has (fast) readwrite access. (The cloud backup location you chose is obviously slowed down by reading/writing to the cloud.)
The voicecomputer.bk1, voicecomputer.bk2… directories are the backups of the voicecomputer directory that are created during the installation. These should never be used as the default location.
To reconfigure the program and accept the default or select yet another location, go to the
program filesvoiceteachvoicecomputerscripts directory
program files(x86)voiceteachvoicecomputerscripts
and run the ConfigVC.exe.


<p>I figured out and it wasn't the backup directory at all. The problem I think was that it defaul<font face="Arial">ted at the setup to Dragon 11 instead of Dragon 12. It may be a good idea for everyone to go down the list of options to double check. Saying that, I will take your advice as far as backup directories. Many thanks again for a wonderful program that is doing things with my computer that I never thought possible.</font></p><font face="Arial"></font>