Silly question - Is it possible to create a desktop shortcut to hide intags when clicked?

Occasionally, when my laptop boots up, desktop items (and/or taskbar items) are “intagged”, requiring me to say “wake up” (to enable my mic that’s asleep), say “close numbers” (to remove intags), and then to put the mic back to sleep with “go to sleep”.

Is it possible to create a desktop shortcut that, when clicked, would issue a command that closes the intags (similar to “close numbers” verbal command)?

If I’m not mistaken the desktop icons should always be intagged on boot up?

Anyway, it should not be too hard to create a VBS script that emulates both voice commands in one click.

If you prefer to never have the desktop icons tagged on start up then the VBS script can be triggered automatically with a simple timer tool that has been added to Windows startup.

I could create both of these for you, but it’s probably best to first contact Ron. He might have a more elegant solution ;-).

Yes, I could create an app that would be triggered by a desktop icon. I’d probably have to charge you for this because I don’t think I’d want to add this to the program.
If interested, please email me.

Thank you (both) for your quick responses. I’ll tinker a bit with scripting to see if I can create something. Since this is a very minor inconvenience, no need to purchase any scripting help.