Significant reliability and performance issues with Windows/Office

Purchased Voice Computer March 2020. Ever since then, the frequency of abnormal failures in Microsoft Office have increased, from 1 per week to about 2 per day. In addition, the few games I could play via voice (Civilization & Total War) have become unplayable as their processing has slowed by 90%, even though I play them with Voice Computer off and only Dragon active. I have reinstalled Office Suite twice, reset the OS, had all the hardware diagnostics done, reinstalled drivers. No real change. Except, interestingly, when I do a full reinstall of chipset drivers the games will work normally until the next reboot. As I’m part of Microsoft, I have Windows Defender always active, but I verified the firewall rules allow the games through properly. I also tend to have the OS version that’s not quite released, receiving it just before general release. But this is happened and continues to happen even when I back rev.

I frequently have Windows focus change unexpectedly. For instance, going into dictation mode almost always results in the dictation box being out of focus, though visible. I’ve had Microsoft Teams meetings start and the resulting window disappear, now being 10th in my list of open windows. I’ve even done the open voice computer command and had the resulting window disappear somewhere in my list that I then have to alt-tab through.

Any other ideas of things I could try?

Dragon has problems with MS Office. Nuance is testing a 15.6 release that seems to fix the problems. Hopefully they release it soon.

You may need more memory. At least 16 GB, if not 32.

Also. Perform regular maintenance. Glary Utilities does a good job and they have a free version.

I no longer have the tech skills to help you with this.

Our Intags used to cause this problem. We fixed this problem but I’m not sure when. Download the most recent release.

Haven’t seen this. Are you using any other add-on?

Thank you for the review and feedback Ron.

  • Glad to know about Dragon’s upcoming release. I’m on 15.3, have not yet seen 15.6 and look forward to it.
  • Regarding game performance, I have 32 GB memory. I suspect drivers or DirectX (though the latest OS version now incorporates DirectX so I can’t back rev).
  • Regarding the loss of focus, I believe I have the latest version of Voice Computer (VoiceComputer 2020 3.1).
  • I suppose I’m kind of proud that there were no obvious ideas that I hadn’t tried :blush:.