Shutdown Speech by voice

I am not able to Shutdown Speech by voice. I need to actually click with mouse on the red “Shutdown Speech” button in the VoiceComputer dialog. Can I do this by voice, and if so, how?

Windows7 Pro SP1, 32bit
Voice Computer 13.56.1


If you open the VoiceComputer Control Center while the Dragon microphone is off, you cannot select any of the options by voice because the VoiceComputer microphone (VC microphone) is not linked any of the dialogs. That is, the only command accessible to the VoiceComputer microphone (VC microphone) is “VoiceComputer Control Center”.

If you want to shutdown VoiceComputer by voice command, then you need to use Dragon (i.e., the Dragon microphone must be enabled and turned on. Under that condition, all of the options in any of the VoiceComputer dialogs are accessible by voice command [i.e., Dragon’s Say-What-You-Seeâ„¢ (tracking)].Chucker2015-03-01 17:24:06

I am not able to Shutdown Speech by voice while the microphone is on.


Are you saying that if the Dragon microphone is on (green) and you open the VoiceComputer Control Center, you can’t say “shutdown speech”?

What version of Dragon are you using?

Do you get no response at all, or is it trying to execute but fails? If the latter, provide me with the specific details.
If you get no response at all, do you have the Dragon Options | Commands tab | Require “Click” to select menus & Require “Click” to select buttons and other controls enabled (checked). If you do, then you have to say “click shutdown speech” vs. just “shutdown speech” I generally disable those two options because you can always say “click” if you want to, or need to, with those options disabled, but so very few dialogs and other controls require that you say “click” that it’s not worth having those options enabled. It just makes more work for you by having to remember to say “click shutdown speech”.
Chucker2015-03-01 20:35:54

Problem solved!

“Click shutdown speech” works just fine.

Dragon Naturally Speaking v13

pdavidow2015-03-02 09:31:18


It’s important to remember that Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) and Active Accessibility are controlled by Dragon. Therefore, enabling voice control of menus, buttons, and other controls is a function of Dragon. How you set the Dragon Options controls how these functions are executed.