shutdown requires hands

perhaps my program has a gremlin. When I give the command “shut down speech recognition” I get a pop-up asking if I want to close Dragon. I have to click the yes button. Then it asks if I want to back up my dictation or whenever the second menu says. I have to click the yes button again.

Is that normal?



Which version of VoicePower are you using? You can find the version number if you’re not sure by simply say “show VoicePower version”.

We changed this in VoicePower 11.2 to make it totally automatic by voice. The changes that we made make it fully automated on boot up and shut down. Let me know which version you have and I will explain. If you’re using VoicePower 11.2, you no longer have to say “shutdown speech recognition”.


I have version




OK, you no longer need to say “shut down speech recognition”. In fact, that’s the old shutdown routine. In VoicePower 11.2, simply do the following:

1. Say "Open VoicePower"

2. You will get the VoicePower startup utility with two options: (1) Shut down speech recognition, and (2) Shut down speech recognition and RESTART.

3. To navigate that dialog by voice, you simply say “move down one” to highlight the first option, or “move down two” to select the second option. You can also use “down one” and “down two” (i.e., these should work in addition to the "move down"commands. However, the “move down” commands are 100% reliable. You’ll just have to experiment with your system.

4. Once you have the appropriate option selected, you simply say OK. Under this utility, your user profiles are automatically saved. You may get the prompt to save your user profiles if you don’t have the option in the Dragon options to “Automatically save the user profile changes” enabled, but just let it go and VoicePower’s startup utility will automatically save them. In other words, you will get the message “Saving Dragon user files”. Just wait for it.

We also added the second option in the VoicePower startup utility so that you don’t have to go through the manual process of reloading Dragon NaturallySpeaking and VoicePower. The same applies in this case. That is, using this utility will automatically save your Dragon user files. Again, you simply have to wait for it. Everything is now completely automated by voice. You can even copy of VoicePower shortcut from the desktop to the Startup folder and VoicePower and Dragon will automatically start up for you. Will

Try it, you’ll like it as Mikey said in the old Life Cerial commercial of many years ago.Thumbs Up

It works fine for me on all of my systems on Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit, and Windows XP (even using DNS 10.1 Medical). We thoroughly tested it and have had no problems with it, nor has anybody reported any problems with it. Let me know ASAP if it doesn’t work for you.

much appreciated as always, Chucker.

If I have problems tonight when I shut down, I will let you know. Otherwise no news would be good news.

By the way, did you ever figure out what the smart quote commands in VoicePower before? See my earlier post.

Thanks so much,


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It works as you said it would Chucker. Of course, you are the E.F. Hutton of this forum. In fact, you are the E.F. Hutton for all things in the realm of voice recognition.

Thank you.