Show screen grid configuration

I am trying to configure the show screen grid command as the mouse does not line up correctly on the page. I have tried to configure the XML file that was in the help file; however, this has not worked. It was not even in the directory that was stated on the help file. Can you please give me some advice on what to do?



The default location of the "ScreenGrid1.xml" file is now the C:ProgramDataVoiceTeachVoiceComputer directory.
[The (old) instructions for adjusting VoiceComputer's Screen Grid can be found in the VoiceComputer Screen Grid section of Show Mouse Commands.]

Thanks for your question. I have revised the instructions (in the next release) to the following.
Please let me know if the instructions are clear to you.

The Screen Grid needs to be adjusted on each monitor so that the Grid precisely matches the position of the mouse commands.

1) Open the "ScreenGrid1.xml" file with Notepad. (default location is: C:ProgramDataVoiceTeachVoiceComputer);

2) Issue the Left 10 at 10 mouse command. This places the mouse cursor at the 10 at 10 mouse position;

3) Open the screen grid: Show Screen Grid;

4) Confirm that the 10 by 10 intersection on the screen grid precisely matches the 10 at 10 mouse position. If it doesn't, change the values for Column1 and Row1 in the ScreenGrid1.xml file and save the file to apply your changes;

(Increasing the Column values, say from 100 to 105, moves the column to the right. Increasing the Row value from 100 to 105 moves the row down.);

5) Adjust the 10 by 10 values by repeating the Left 10 at 10 and Show Screen Grid commands until the screen grid is precisely over the 10 at 10 mouse position;

6) Repeat for the 20 at 20, 30 at 30... mouse positions (and screen two if necessary);

7) Now adjust the values for the Left 0 at 0 mouse position by changing the values for Left and Top in the ScreenGrid1.xml file and saving your changes. There are no grid lines at the 0 at 0 position, but you should be able to eyeball it quite accurately;

8) Close the ScreenGrid1.xml file