Show Screen Grid command not working

Mouse commands are enabled but nothing happens when I say “show screen grid” any suggestions on how to get this function working?

I’m assuming that Dragon is not recognizing the command, not that it’s recognizing the command but nothing happens. (If Dragon recognizes a command, the border of the results box turns blue.)

Did you restart VoiceComputer after you enabled the mouse commands?
If you did, go back to the enable | disable commands screen and check that the mouse commands are enabled, click ‘OK’ and then restart VoiceComputer again. (Clicking OK will prompt VoiceComputer to reconfigure the program on restart.)
You should notice a “configuring VoiceComputer” MessageBox as VoiceComputer is shutting down.
Check the “show screen grid” command again.
If it still doesn’t work, the mouse1.XML file isn’t being copied, which means that you must’ve downloaded a recent VoiceComputer release about two weeks ago that had this bug and was replaced by a fix within a few hours.
You can wait a few days for a major update that we’re testing or you can copy the mouse1.xml from
C:Program Files (x86)VoiceTeachVoiceComputerhelpVC_FilesCustom_files
C:Program FilesVoiceTeachVoiceComputerhelpVC_FilesCustom_files

to your DocumentsVoiceComputerCommandsCustom directory.

Restart VoiceComputer and the mouse commands will work!

I apologize for the bug…

Great, I copied the file into the document directory and it works.

Thank you