Show open window antics

This is quite interesting. When I give the order to show OpenWindows it correctly deploys. I give the order “place 2 center.” VoiceComputer places the program listed as 1 center and then adds my command “place 2 center” to the list of open programs.

I assume this is another hex put on me by a former college girlfriend who still thinks we should of married because her father offered to pay for law school for me. Interestingly, after we broke up, he still told me the offer was on the table. I didn’t take him up on it because I figured that would cause her to follow me to the ends of the earth. That was before tasers.

Little did I know she was a member of a powerful coven. I just thought when the whites of her eyes would become completely blood red it was some sort of blood disorder.

As always, I appreciate the help I know I will get.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.



What was #2 (i.e., what specific open window)? There are some items listed under Open windows that shouldn’t be opened. Most of these are items that might be in the systray. That’s why I’m asking what the name of #2 was?

I didn’t think to write down the order of the programs when I sent my new thread. I always open my computer in this fashion: 1) I open VoiceComputer which of course opens Dragon, 2) KnowBrainer, 3) Word, 4) Outlook, 5) Amicus attorney my legal management system and 6) Gmail.

My open programs show the following:
1. Amicus attorney
2. Document 1-Microsoft Word
3. Inbox-Microsoft Outlook
4. Inbox-Gmail
5. KB 2012
6. VoiceComputer
7. VP List

I just gave the order “place 2 center.” Of course, it worked just fine. It did not add anything to the list after it deployed.
So the next time I have the problem I reported, I will list what is in the “show open programs” menu.

I guess it’s like Emily Lutella from Saturday Night Live used to say: “Never mind.”

As always, thanks so much.


Sorry to say, Chucker, the glitches back but remember glitches really aren’t that big a deal!

Here is the list after I gave the command “place 2 center” and VoiceComputer opened amicus attorney:

  1. Amicus attorney (my legal management system)
  2. Document 1 Microsoft Word
  3. Outlook inbox
  4. Gmail inbox
  5. place 2 center
  6. Timeslips (my billing system)
  7. VoiceComputer
  8. VP list

Any ideas?




I’ve tried to duplicate your problem using Microsoft Word with a Document 1 title as #2 and saying “place 2 center”. It worked fine for me. I can’t seem to duplicate your problem.

Can you try it again and see if you get the same results? Remember don’t pause between words in a command. If you’re going to say “place two center”, make sure you say it is if it were one word. Also, what is the window labeled as #5 (place 2 center). Further, keep in mind that some applications, such as Internet Explorer, will not always open in the location requested. This is an issue related to those particular application windows. This may be intermittent, but is not a problem with VoiceComputer. It’s a problem with that particular application window.