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The Dragon dictation box is rather usefully intag-less. This avoids the words “won”, “to”, “two”, “too”, “free”,“for”, “fore” etc. upsetting matters. However, I have a problem introduced by Voicecomputer. If I say “show dictation box”, it is impossible to speak text into the box. Is this some sort of focus problem?


Possibly, but unlikely.

First, the Dragon Dictation Box does not support object oriented tagging (InTags).

Second, if you’re having a problem dictating into the Dictation Box (Dragon), then the problem most likely exist within your profile. You can try using Rob’s variation on the Dragon Dictation Box, but if you cannot dictate into his Dictation Box utility, then the probability is very likely your user profile.

Thank you, Chuck.

It is the new version of Voicecomputer that inhibits the ability to type into the Dragon dictation box. However, when Voicecomputer is shutdown the dictation box works again.

Nonetheless, I have added a HeardWord “hide”,“intags” to one of Rob’s boxes and this creates an intag-free typing zone. This used not to be possible because the system used to type the words “hide intags”. So for now this is well resolved.

Regards Stephen

Of course I will honor your (unspoken) request 😁. Adding HW commands will only slow things down so you're probably more interested in a fast, buttonless box, right?

This one has all the SP safety features but won't attract any VC intags. See it in action here:

Furthermore, it always launches in the center and won't remember its previous state or position because I know you don't like that 👀
I will send it to you tomorrow with the included commands.

Funny thing, this little box was programmed with a tiny 100 lines of code. The forthcoming SP Pro 6.0 All-in-one Dictation Box currently has well over 3000 (my recently hired programmer thought it was a good idea to add some innovative features and safety options). But then again, it's going to be the ultimate "one-stop" dictation solution 👌
Speech19652019-10-21 17:30:52


Current version of VoiceComputer is Is that the version you're referring to?

Regardless, the fact that you're having problems with the Dictation Box doesn't necessarily mean that VoiceComputer is at the bottom of it.

Logic 101: Post Hoc fallacy - The logical fallacy of believing that temporal succession implies a causal relation.

I have no problems with the current version of VoiceComputer and dictation into the Dragon Dictation Box. I've also checked with several other users and they are not having that problem either. It appears that the fact that the problem is occurring in your case is unique to you.

Thank you, Chucker, for checking. Indeed, the customer is sometimes right and sometimes wrong. Ron has been very quick to acknowledge in the past where there is a real issue. I appreciate your checking in this instance. Rob has provided me with a good solution with the SP intag-less box. Best wishes, Stephen


Nimbargent2019-10-23 02:00:30