show configure voice power icon doesn't open

in trying to figure out a way around my previous post – I can’t get a folder numbered 113 in my favorites folder, in looking in help there is a “configure voice power” icon. When I double click on it it doesn’t open.

I thought it might be helpful.



<p>While the "configure VoicePower<font face="Arial">" menu option in the icon in the systray will give you some directional and configuration options, it will only open if the microphone is either on or completely off. If the microphone is in sleep mode, it won't open that dialog.</font></p><font face="Arial">

</font><p>You can't double-click on it. You can only double-click on the icon on the desktop<font face="Arial">. Nevertheless, make sure that the microphone is either completely on or completely off, and then right-click on the icon in the system tray (systray) and select "configure VoicePower".</font></p><font face="Arial">

</font><p>As Ron pointed out to you<font face="Arial">, the other option is to simply say "configure voice shortcuts", which will give you more options.</font></p><font face="Arial">

<p>Lastly, one of the problems with numbers in Dragon NaturallySpeaking is that some numbers on accepted when spoken as you would normally think they should be. For example, if you dictate "one thirteen" and that works, fine. If it doesn't work or any time that you dictate a number and it doesn't work, tried dictating the individual digits. For example: Dictate 113 as "one one three". Again, Dragon has problems with some numbers, but the dictating individual digits works pretty much 99% of the time.</p></font>


I was able to get the tag 113 to deploy. Also, voice shortcuts may be the answer to what I am looking for with the ability to open up my folder “Triona” on my N Drive. What I want to do is the following: when I dictate something I need to save it to the folder just described. According to voice shortcuts I should be able to say one of the following two commands: "save to my Triona folder or save to Triona folder. " [it may not deploy because as I said those commands nothing happened. Hopefully it is because I am in this screen.

To open this folder with shortcuts I understand I can say one of the following two commands: "look in my Triona folder or look in Triona folder."

Of course, with the intellectual horsepower between you and Ron, whom I know also use this for a continuously, you may have a better idea for me to accomplish what I hope to do. I consider your (both of you) advice an undeserved gift!

I will keep playing with it and see what happens.

As always, much appreciated.



In the voice shortcuts the option for "Setup for Save in/Open from/Look in Folder Commands" requires the following:

1. The Full Directory Path. When entering the directory path, you'll have to make absolutely sure that what you enter gets you to where you want. If it doesn't access to that folder when you issue the command (i.e., the Full Directory Path is incorrect), then the command will not execute or will not execute properly. So the Full Directory Path is a critical entry. It may take some testing to get it exactly the way VoicePower wants it. In addition, one thing that helps is to do a general save and look at the path as it's displayed in Windows Explorer. I often copy it and then pasted into the Full Directory Path text box and then test the command. If I need to, I make the appropriate modifications by simply going back into that particular entry.

2. Once you have the correct directory path and you have given it a command name, then you can issue any one of the commands listed under "Resulting Commands". However, keep in mind that VoicePower, like Dragon, requires that you issue the command exactly as it's listed. For example:

Say "save to my Triona folder", "open from my Triona folder", etc. just as they are shown verbatim in the dialog.

When using the voice shortcuts for saving files, opening files, or moving Outlook e-mails to a particular Outlook folder, or changing to a specific Outlook folder, most VoicePower users initially, and even those of us who have been doing it forever, forget that the "folder" part of the command is required. Otherwise, the command will not execute. So, the bottom line is that just as in Dragon, executing VoicePower commands requires verbatim issuance of the command. Leave off any part of it or failing to speak it verbatim will cause the command to not execute at all.

Chucker2011-11-09 08:33:03

Thank you, Chucker:

The directory I use is “N:Triona” because that is what came up when I was using the configure voice power option and actually copy be information in the location window at the top of the screen.

My other question is voice shortcuts works in other files than just Outlook, correct? I use a legal management system called Amicus Attorney which allows me to designate the file I want an e-mail to be saved in before I read it. In fact, I am trying to figure out if I can use voice power to do so. I’ll keep experimenting.

What I need to say to the location set forth in the first paragraph are purely word documents. That folder is simply my stream of dictation which my secretary then reviews, proofread and put in the appropriate format such as on letterhead and then saved in a folder for me to review and approve. I hope the commands you reference will allow me to do that. I will be experimenting today.

Much appreciated,


Forgot to tell you,

I was giving grand rounds to neurosurgical residents this morning. We were talking about documenting matters. One of the residents was lamenting electronic records. I advised the resident that voice recognition software has become so accurate it is a mandatory option for anyone who has to document anything on a regular basis. Many knew of Dragon.

However, I cautioned them that for electronic medical records I recommended Voice Power because of its ability to make Dragon so much more functional. The nonmedical person who deals with such matters as medical records, etc., asked me for the website which of coarse I have memorized. They have not yet gone to voice recognition software but are looking into it. I told her I would be happy to meet with whatever committee is involved with the decision and will bring my laptop to demonstrate what Voice Power does for Dragon. since it is part of the University of Cincinnati, it may well go through all departments.

I also intend to go to a continuing legal education seminar next month being given by the IT people I use out of Columbus, Ohio. They know how crazy I am about voice recognition software.I have already alerted them to Voice Power. Nonetheless, at the seminar I am going to ask a question during the discussion of voice recognition about how many people have heard of Voice Power. I will of course give out the website.

Call me crazy, but when I like something I do not mind becoming a shill.



The only command thatachieve deployment was the “open from…” When I use the “look in” or “look in my” command it highlighted the icons on my desktop, open the start menu and put the cursor in the search for file folder area.

I will keep reporting back to make certain this deployment command works regularly. I like that deployment command language.

The “save to” also seems to be working. Happy days are here again.

Thanks so much,


I have some bear claws and chocolate filled purse on fear. Can I e-mail you some? Or perhaps fax them to you?

I am having quite a challenge setting up the command for: save to a folder in my documents called, "my stuff"
I inputted exactly the path which I copy and pasted.C:Documents and Settings44738My Documentsmystuff

when I say, save to my stuff folder, it goes right to the desktop. Any help would be appreciated.

I successfully set up the send to folder command in Outlook and use it all the time.

Email me a screen shot of the VoicePower configuration screen that contains the path and the name of the command.

(I’ll see if I can get the attachments working on the forum.)

What program are you in when you issue the command?</p><p>If you're not using Microsoft Word, does the command work from Word? </p><div>Do you see that the path:</div><p>C:Documents and Settings44738My Documentsmy stuff</p><p>is being pasted into the Save As directory?</p><p>If not, then what is being pasted?</p>

I am seeing the transaction end on the desktop. At that point a small VP box comes up and tries to do something in the save as box, but it still puts the file on the desktop.

I’ll have to log into your computer to figure out what’s going on.

Send me an email at and give me a few times that’ll work for you.